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IASD Presidential Address 2016

Laurel ClarkLC_kissed

Laurel Clark, approved as IASD President for 2016/2017, addressed the annual Membership Meeting at Rolduc Abbey in Kerkrade, The Netherlands. This speech is summarized below.

It is a great honor to speak to you as the new president of IASD. In some ways, it seems like a dream to be chosen for this position when I feel like a relative newcomer.

I heard of IASD many years before becoming a member. I have been keeping a dream journal since 1977 and interpreting dreams since 1979. As a teacher in a non-traditional educational program, I use dreams for personal growth and to aid my students. In my work as a counselor and minister, we use dreams for spiritual direction.

I was introduced to IASD in the early 1980’s. It seemed that any time I read an article about dreams in a popular magazine, the quoted experts were from IASD.  That sparked my curiosity although other commitments kept me from pursuing membership until years later.  Read full Article click here