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Western doctors call it menopause.  Eastern yogis call it enlightenment.

Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron calls it

    “The 52 Year Flip”  


For most people what begins around age 12 culminates around 52.  Puberty begins with a bang, 40 years pass, then a repeat of the 12-something symptoms of body changes, emotional meltdowns, and mental confusion.  What’s up?!

Is there a way to navigate the waters of these fiery years?


Join Dr. Barbara Condron online as she teaches the keys for cooling the head and warming the heart at just the right balance to master your creative energies.


Hour 1                   

Six Emotional Doorways to Love invite us to explore our humanity.  Powerful polarities unleashed at puberty set into motion life patterns.  What emotional strengths and weaknesses have set the tendencies for how you create in life?  You’ll identify them and learn how to move through the changes in your life with grace.  For female and male, youth and sage, share this evening with someone you love.

Hour 2     The SAT NAM Experience

Dr. Condron explores how East meets West in this profoundly entraining exercise that clears the channel for your creative energies at every age.  Her Taraka Yoga practice unites the principles taught for centuries as Buddhi, Hatha, Mantra, and Laya Yogas.

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with author 

Dr. Barbara O’Guinn Condron



JANUARY 16, 2017

8-10 pm CT

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